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Highest quality biochemical testing certification for 2021- ERNDIM

ERNDIM certification ensures highest quality of standardised procesudre for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of inherited metabolic diseases are followed.

ERNDIM provides quality assurance to laboratories who offer biochemical testing for inborn errors of metabolism. This is achieved through provision of quality control schemes operated according to accepted norms and on a global scale recognising that the number of laboratories in a single country is too small to provide sufficient comparative data for reliable assessment of performance.

We are one of the few labs in India that participate in ERNDIM’s external quality assuarnce scheme for 10 lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs).

This year, a total of 70 labs participated from all around the world in this scheme and our institute opted to be tested for all 10 LSDs.

Through rigorous quality testing, our institute obtained 100% score for diagnosis of all 10 LSDs.

You can find detailed quality report from ERNDIM here. Our institute is given Lab No. 19 in the document.

FRIGE is also one of only 6 centres in the country that provides rapid and accurate diagnosis for LSDs and currently holds a national patent on rapid and cost-effective I-cell screening test.

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