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Genetics of coronavirus - COVID19

Several research groups, hospitals, nations and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have been playing active role to sequence the RNA of the COVID19 virus. Its purpose and utility is discussed in a live interview with the Gujarat Samachar TV.

COVID19’s RNA is made up of 30,000 letters which codes for 29 proteins. These proteins help the virus survive, thrive and multiply, once it is inside a host’s body. Reading these letters, a process called- sequencing, can help understand how these proteins are made, their function, where the virus came from, where the virus is spreading, how many people it has infected drug and vaccine development and much much more.

To understand the importance of this, our Chairman- Dr. Jayesh Sheth and our Head of Advanced Genomic Technologies Division- Dr. Harsh Sheth, gave a live interview with the anchor Mr. Dakshesh Pathak from Gujarat Samachar TV. You can watch the entire interview here in Gujarati.