FRIGE and Dr Jivraj Mehta Hospital join hands to create state-of-the-art Genetics OPD in public hospital

FRIGE and Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital begin a new chapter in personalised, precision and preventative healthcare by launching the first genetics OPD at the hospital.

Beginning from February 9th, 2023, FRIGE and Dr. Jivraj Mehta Smarak Health Foundation will offer state of the art genetics OPD at Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital in Ahmedabad. The OPD is aimed at providing cutting edge personalised, precision and preventative genetic healthcare to all patients attending the hospital.

This is the first joint initiative between a public hospital and charitable NGO to offer high quality and affordable healthcare to the citizens of Ahmedabad.

The OPD would provide services to medical specialties such as pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, andrology, urology, endocrinology, pulmonology and gastroenterology. It would provide pre- and post-test genetic counselling as well as access to the cutting edge and affordable suite of genetic tests.

Dr. Jayesh Sheth (Chairman, FRIGE) and Dr. Harsh Sheth (Head of Advanced Genomic Technologies Division, FRIGE) are appointed as honorary consultant geneticists at Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad, and will provide their OPD services every week on Thursday between 11am and 1pm.

With complimentary ethos and shared vision between the two institutions of providing affordable and high-quality healthcare to everyone, a revolution in healthcare delivery in public healthcare setting is envisaged.

Dr. Jayesh Sheth and Dr. Harsh Sheth.