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Celebrating Autism awareness month and World Parkinson Day

With neurological disorders on the rise, understanding their cause, diagnostic methods, management, treatment and prevention is ever more crucial than before.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) is a developmental disability that can cause significant challenges in social, communication and behavioral interactions. Key feature of patients with ASD compared to other people is their communication, interaction, behavioral and learning abilities. Signs of ASD begin during early childhood and typically last throughout a person’s life.

Current estimates suggests that around 1 in 150 children are afflicted with ASD in India alone.

Whereas ASD is detected in children, Parkinson disorder occurs primarily in elderly people. It is estimated that about 1 in every 4000 people in India are suffering from Parkinson disease.

Together, they make some of the most common neurological diseases seen in the country.

April being the Autism Awareness Month, our Head of Advanced Genomic Technologies Division (Dr. Harsh Sheth) gave a live interview on Doordarshan Girnar about basic tenets of autism and Parkinson disease.