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About us

The Centre is recognized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Science & Technology as Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) know more

Special supplementary issue of ishg2014 conference abstracts in International Journal of Molecular cytogenetics

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List of Investigations

Cytogenetic Study, Biochemical Study, Investigations For Lysosomal Enzymes, Molecular Genetics know more


Training Programme
At FRIGE IHG we provide continuous training program for under graduate/ graduate and post graduates.... know more

Free training to deserving students
We are pleased to announce that from now onwards INSTITUTE OF HUMAN GENETICS will provide free one month training to the deserving biotech students. Total two students per year will be selected and it will be based on merit and recommendation from the Director of respective Institute.

Certificate course in Human Genetics

Institute of Human Genetics will be offering Six-month certificate course in Human Genetics. know more

FISH probe study

In house FISH probe study for various type...
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Fibroblasts study

Fibroblasts study for Niemann-Pick Type C... know more

Sample Collection

For sample collection and details... know more

Our Team
We have dedicated team of scientists, research fellows, technicians who are the pillar of the institute.
F.R.I.G.E. at Glance
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Future course/meeting: Upcoming Workshop on Lysosomal storage disorders in January 2015

Glimpses of International conference on Human Genetics and 39th ISHG2014.

Milestone at FRIGE's IHG

Indications for Genetic study...
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Indian young mother with Down Syndrome child have increased Homocysteine low MTHFR polymorphism...
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Triple marker study during pregnancy...
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Amniocentesis & CVS...
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More Down syndrome babies to young mothers...
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Lysosomal storage disorders are prevalent in about 35% of children with neuroregression, hepatosplenomegaly, coarse facial features, skeletal dysplasia. The most common LSDs is glycolipid and mucopolysaccharide disorders.
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The most common burden of lysosomal storage disorder is Gaucher disease in India and also identified three mutations ( p.D322Y, p.E462V and c. 1277_1278ins TATC) in HEXA gene as the commonest one for Tay Sachs disease in 50% of chidlren in India (JIMD Reports DOI 10.1007/8904,2013_2014













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