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President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s public statement about FRIGE:
I met Prof Jayesh Sheth in last September and learned from his papers that genetics is not only about forecasting; it is about knowing the reasons behind our present existence and a quest about how to mitigate the negative outcomes in distant future by acting now. I also learnt from those papers, how low protein diet, low Vitamin B12 and other gene nutritional interaction is more likely for the error which occurs in chromosome transfer during pregnancy and how birth of a healthy child can be ensured by taking good care of the pregnant mother. (22nd January 2014, Ahmedabad, ISHG meeting)

Dr Jayesh and Dr Frenny sheth at Foundation for Research in Genetics and Endocrinology (FRIGE) have been doing important work in the field of Genetics and Endocrinology. This is the self-financed foundation and its income comes from the training program/conferences/symposia held by FRIGE and partly from the Genetics Centre where they offer diagnostic and counseling services. (28th March 2014, Hyderabad, RCOG World Congress)

Prof Jayesh Sheth and his wife Dr. Frenny Sheth are doing exemplary research work at Foundation for Research in Genetics and Endocrinology (FRIGE), Ahmedabad. I visited the last year and learned that gene therapy is a promising new field of medical research. (20th March 2015 ,Hyderabad, National conference on Rare disease)